Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Yes, my boy loves pretty shoes.....

I received a few comments about Ryan wearing pink shoes in one of my previous posts. I hadn't even noticed when I published the photo because I am so used to seeing him wear girly shoes.Gaby and Brooke (and Ryan) love wearing Ashlyn's one pair of dress up shoes so much that when I saw 2 pair for $2.88 each at Wal-Mart I thought I'd surprise them. I would have bought a pair for Ryan also because I knew he'd want them too, and then there would be a fight, but there were only 2 pair left.
So I searched high and low for shoes for Ryan that were boyish but would attract his attention and divert it away from the girls' new shoes. I finally settled on a pair of flip flops that were on clearance.
As you can see I could have spared myself the agony of searching because he will only wear the dress up shoes. I think I've seen him wear the flip flops once and that was only because someone else wanted them.
So do you think this a glimpse into his future sexual orientation or just a phase?

He does wear them well, doesn't he?

Multiple moms: What do I do when Ryan is refusing to take a second nap and the girls are clearly still needing one? Do I convert them all to one nap or keep him up and put them down? I know in theory it's best to treat them as individuals and therefore keep him up but all I can say is Ahhhhhhh! Must....have.....some.....alone.....time. I was on my way to converting to one nap for all 3 and then they got sick and we are back to square one. So what do you all think? I'd appreciate advice from non multiple moms too (especially if you are wanting to borrow a baby for a week or 2).

PS. Why does spellcheck sometimes not work on this thing? Don't they know that a perfectionist needs spellcheck??? Sorry if there are errors but at the moment I have Ashlyn and Ryan sitting on my lap fighting because Ashlyn wants to hug Ryan and he doesn't like it.


Dorinda said...

Oh, you make me laugh. I have to post while the girls are napping or they are on top of me. Actually Rachel would climb into my skin if I'd let her...

Funny about the shoes - I think that was my comment :) I'm sure it will have affect on him later in life whatsoever.

As for the nap. Rachel is NOT ready for one nap a day but she has no choice. She has to be. If I didn't do it this way I would have a baby napping from 11 AM to 5 PM every day but not the same one at the same time. So, I couldn't go anywhere but I also couldn't have a break. So, we went to one nap a day by default. After doing it for the past 6 weeks the girls have all adjusted pretty well. Rachel is still pretty cranky but honestly, that's totally normal for her so I don't pay attention.

Plus, we have the ability to go out in the morning and then go out to lunch, etc. Then I get a longer time off in the afternoon AND they sometimes sleep in in the morning :)

Angela said...

Hi Cadi!!!
I think you should ask your brothers if they ever wore "girlie" shoes!! Then confirm with your mom! For a long time I was the only cousin your oldest two had to play with :)