Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I'm about to let you in on a dirty little secret of mine. So turn off the soaps, close your blinds, and unplug the phone. Ready?

I...............rarely clean my shower.

I know, it's disappointing on so many levels. You were hoping for some juicy gossip and Lance has been hoping for a shower free of scum.
For one thing our shower is really old and needs recaulking, but that's just an excuse because I have never been one to clean my shower regularly. I even had a brand new one once and was a little better at keeping it nice, but not much.

My main beef with shower maintenance? The stinky cleaners. You know, the ones that you have to have proper ventilation before spraying? Do they work for any of you, because I can't seem to get the gunk off? Maybe you are supposed to use it more than biannually but it doesn't say that in the instructions.

When I was pregnant with Ashlyn, right before she was due. I was smack dab in the middle of nesting and stood facing my shower with hatred in my eyes. I didn't want to expose my unborn baby to the harsh fumes, so Lance graciously offered to do it for me. The toxic scent was so bad I had to leave the house even though we had windows open and the exhaust fan going.

So the point of this post is that I found a better way. Today I tried a cleaner that I bought last week. It's from the brand Method. I have been using the Method All Surface cleaner in the cucumber scent for about a year. I love it. These products claim to be "planet friendly" and safe for children and pets. I hope this is true because I love how great they smell. They clean really well too!!

The newest addition to my cleaning closet is called Method tub+tile, soap scum + stain remover. It comes in a delicious scent of eucalyptus mint. It does not stink. It smells heavenly. Even Ashlyn commented on how good our "bafroom" smells. It did get rid of lots of the soap scum and left it shiny.

The thing I like best about these cleaners is that they should be safe for my children. Especially if they like to help clean, which they do.

The website I included above should give you some info about the Method products. They are also sold by Target, which is where I get mine. They have all sorts of other products that I will try over time. They are a little on the pricey side but to me it's worth the extra pennies. They seem to last a long time also. I just purchased my second bottle of the all surface cleaner since January and I use it every day for my counter tops, table, stove top, and I used it in my bathroom until today. The tub and tile worked great for my bathroom counter top and sink so I'll continue using that.

I did have some of the disposable wipes in French Lavender but used them all up and didn't see the big can of them at Target. Last time I ordered them online. Ashlyn used them a lot for cleaning and they also smell really good.

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