Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Aint No Mountain High Enough.....

While loading the dishwasher after breakfast this morning, the babies were being especially quiet. Then comes the decision, do I relish the rare moment of silence or investigate because they are probably up to something?

Well I went to peek into the playroom and this is what I found.
Remember what I said yesterday about my mom being busy working and we did things we weren't supposed to? This is what I'm talking about. Seeing my 3 babies on top of the changing table (which doesn't look very tall in the photo but actually is) made my heart race for a second and in my mind I was seeing my siblings and I on top of our barns, silos, and any other tall building on our farm. You name it we did it.

So this, apparently, is where it starts. Of course I did what any other parent would do. I grabbed my camera, said "say cheese" and then said "that is naughty, don't ever do it again!!!"
Ashlyn wanted to get in on the fun too.
I also got the results back on my scan from last week and it isn't serious. I was kinda thinking a cyst but worried anyway. I had 2 marble sized cysts, one on each ovary and fluid that looked like a third one ruptured. I had suspected I had a rupture the night before because my little bit of pain and mostly feeling uncomfortable, became stabbing pains to the point I took a Hydrocodone and reclined. I felt much better but that stuff keeps me awake so I got very little sleep that night. I only take them when I absolutely have to. So what this means? Probably birth control pills which usually make me ill and numerous other side effects.


MaryBeth said...

I too have that thought every time it is quiet around here, and my result is almost alway the same... they are definitely in trouble somewhere!

Glad to hear your scan didn't reveal anything too serious. I hope they'll be able to find treatment that won't make you feel even worse!

Dorinda said...

Oh I was so hoping you were pregnant :) HA! Then I would say better you then me. No, I might be happy with another one if it were natural. But not yet. I'm too overwhelmed right now as it is!!

And I too agree - quiet is never good. Screaming means alive and well. Quiet means bad things - always. When do we ever walk in and find them all sitting around reading books and enjoying each other's company? I'm dreaming I know.