Sunday, April 27, 2008


Things I DON'T miss about being pregnant with triplets:

-just finding a comfortable, semi-reclined position, and having stomach acid force it's way into my esophagus.

-trying on the biggest clothes I can find, and even they don't fit.

-having to move the seat of my van all the way back before I get in just to fit behind the steering wheel ( I know, I shouldn't complain about that one, at least I was still able to drive).

-having to spend months sleeping on the sofa bed because I couldn't get into my bed.

-having to use a chair in the shower because just the simple act of washing my hair while standing was enough to wipe me out for the rest of the day.

-feeling like I never had enough oxygen.

-having to pee every 10 minutes, literally, then dragging myself off the couch, I could barely fit on the toilet anymore, then trying to wipe with a gargantuan belly. Just picture it.

-feeling like I was so starved I could eat half a cow, and then taking 2 bites, and I was too full to eat anymore.

-having my legs go to sleep after sitting at my computer for 5 minutes.

-constant motion of 3 little bodies day and night. There was never a moment that all 3 were sleeping.

-people in public thinking I was that huge and only expecting one baby.

-constant back pain.

-contractions for 21 weeks.

-after applying 2 ointments and an inch of moisturizer to my belly it still itched so bad I was tempted to scratch it with a fork.

-taking a sleeping pill and 2 Benadryl every night and still not being able to sleep.

Things I DO miss about being pregnant with triplets:

-3 sets of feet playing footsie.

-someone was always moving. There was never a dull moment.

-being able to eat anything I wanted and not feel guilty. It helped make my babies big and fat.

-I didn't hear any crying.

-I didn't have to worry about changing, feeding, or bathing them.

Notice my "DO" list is much shorter? It was a very difficult journey but worth every second.

To all you other multiple mom's out there, what was your most agonizing moment?

Here's a challenge.....I want to see some belly pics of all of you too. If you post one on your blog let me know so I don't miss it.


Christie said...

I was thinking the other day that I missed being pregnant. I do remember that taking a shower was how I believe climbing Everest would be. I was done for the day. I miss feeling the little kicks though!
My worst...I threw up daily and sometimes up to 5-6 times a day from 9 weeks til I gave birth. I was on Zofran, but sometimes that didn't even work. Thankfully, I was never on an IV. I HATED eating too. I had to force feed myself all day long to make up for what I had thrown up. Such a bummer. I was looking forward to eating whatever and whenever I wanted with triplets and my dream didn't come to be. :)


Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Christie, that sounds worse than what I went through and I complained all the time. I was very sick and on zofran up until 20 weeks but then it got better. I did end up with the stomach flu when I was about 30 wks and ended up in the hospital overnight on strict bedrest. Everytime I threw up I had a contraction, and every time I had a contraction I threw up. Plus I ended up on Mag sulfate. It was a bad night. I couldn't imagine being like that every day. Thanks for posting.


Karen said...

I had such a miserable pregnancy... contractions for most of the pregnancy, terbutaline pump, procardia, indocin all to stop contractions, home uterine activity monitoring, Zofran until I was 30 weeks pregnant, Tums like they were going out of style, blinding headaches, preeclampsia, cholestasis, bed rest for 3 1/2 months, several hospital visits, two hospital stays, inability to breathe, inability to stand, inability to shower, glucose monitoring...god it sucked. I was in tears from the pain all the time, the contractions made me want to die for much of the day. I was terrified the babies wouldn't make it. I was terrified I wouldn't make it...

And through it all, I miss being pregnant. I really do. I worked SO hard to get pregnant. I loved feeling babies moving. I loved knowing that I was growing three little lives. I loved that my body was finally doing something it was supposed to be doing. I loved that I was doing something special, something my husband could not do. I loved that my almost-four-year-old would come and kiss my belly and say goodnight to the babies each night at bedtime. I loved it.

This was my 30 week belly picture:

Somewhere I've got my 33 week picture the night before I delivered. I'll try to dig it up for you. My triplets are now 7 months old.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Karen, thanks so much for sharing. I love your photo. I have always thought pregnant bellies were beautiful. The bigger the better.

Your pregnancy makes mine look like a walk in the park (and I complained a ton).

With my trips, I had a ton of contractions, did one night of terb. and Mag. but they sent me home on procardia. I was still not dilated at all on the day of my delivery at 35 wks. It was so worth it when I saw those little faces.

I also miss being pregnant.