Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Freezing Corn and Funny Kids.

On Saturday while I was at work, Lance and our good friend Carol were hard at work freezing corn. Lance planted a small field of sweet corn behind our barn and it turned out quite good, though it did get knocked down a bit from the storm we had a couple weeks ago. I am very impressed. He is so proud of his corn patch and tells anyone who will listen that there haven't been any raccoons in the field, the corn doesn't have any worms, and it cleans up very easily. It also tastes really good and we have been eating it daily. We have stinky baby diapers to prove it.I rushed home from work to help finish up the freezing and I guess there are 90 pint size bags of corn that we were able to freeze. We will be sharing this with Lance's mom and Aunt and also my parents for keeping the kids.His mom and Aunt left just in time for the corn to be ready to freeze. So they lucked out and didn't have to help. They took a much anticipated trip to Norway to visit distant relatives. I'm not sure when they started planning this trip but they have been talking about it for a long time. So Carol offered to help and we appreciate her immensely. Thanks again, Carol.

It was my turn to help this year because I've gotten out of it for the past 3 years due to the fact that I was either pregnant with a bunch of babies or being mommy to a bunch of babies.

This time, my parents were a huge help by taking the kids to their house for the morning and feeding them lunch. Then they brought them home for a nap. By the time they woke up, we were done. My mom sent this photo in an email and this is what she had to say about the morning. They have new baby pigs that belong to my sister's family.

"Ashlyn thinks the pigs are cute but didn't want to hold them. This is as far as she would touch them. The babies didn't like them either. I thought Ryan would climb out of the Yellow stroller from the back. None of them wanted to touch them at all. They were really good and we had fun."Imagine that the babies would be so afraid of tiny little piglets. Guess we aren't as country and I thought we were.

When I was out photographing the cornfield I came across this weird looking pumpkin in Lance's garden. I looked closer and saw that one of the kids had set 2 little stones on top of this pumpkin.

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Dorinda said...

It's official - when something crazy happens we're moving in to your house :) Okay, so we'd essentially have to build an entire other house but still you grow the food, we'll build the house...