Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Day in OUR Life.

"We woke up our parents at 5:30 am and they were grumpy, but look how happy we are". "I can hardly wait to start the day!!""OK, lets pull up them stocken's".
Now to switch gears, my brother was telling me that the reason mom's don't have any photos with their kids is because they won't be in a picture unless they get all dolled up. Plus my friend Dorinda said she has rarely seen me on my blog. So tonight I took photos with my kids.......undolled. Like it or not, you're gonna see me.

Gabriella with mommy. Don't look a day over 20, do I? Ha ha!! Dorinda, have your husband tell me how to photoshop those wrinkles out of my neck. And what can he do about sun damage?
Ashlyn kept insisting on having her elbow in the photo. Isn't it cute?Ryan's got that classic "deer in the headlights" look.Brooke is saying "cheese" with all her might and Ryan just couldn't stay out of the spotlight. I took all these photos myself, can you tell?Just had to end with this one. Ryan transferring all the princess chapsticks from one purse to the other. I know he is going to kill me some day. I can't help it, he is so cute.Yesterday, the girls got their Birthday/Christmas/Easter dresses in the mail. I got them on clearance for $12 each. They are frilly and pink and look adorable on them. Ryan was so mad that he didn't get one. He even ran and got one of Ashlyn's dress up dresses and tried to put it on. I need to get the boy some more trucks, and hammers, and guns (0k not guns yet). He is just trying to fit in with the crowd.


Dorinda said...

Ha ha! You always make me laugh :) I think you look great! Thanks for sharing. So funny that you took the pictures yourself because I took pictures of Julianna and I together for our hair picture. Kirk just could not get a decent shot. Ashlyn cracks me up with her elbow. I almost put pictures of Julianna reaching for the camera and crying but didn't think anyone wanted to see that!

Oh, and you look like a spring chicken - what are you complaining about??!! You don't look a day over 35. Um, I mean 25 :)

MaryBeth said...

I have no idea how old you are, but I think you look incredibly young!! Love Ashlyn's insistence on having her elbow in one of the pictures and her "cheesin'" face in the one thereafter.... thanks for sharing. Ryan will be okay with the whole dress up thing when he's older. My sister and I dressed our brother (the baby of our family) up mercilessly, and he got over it as soon as he became stronger than us and stopped letting us play doll with him. Ryan's just going with the flow there...