Friday, October 06, 2006

First of all I just wanted to post an update from our last appt which was Monday the 2nd. Everything looked really good. No change in my cervix. Babies were all active and had grown a lot since our last visit.

Baby A is still head down right over my cervix and weighed 3 lbs 12 oz. We got a picture of it's foot which you can see in the top right corner. I think if you click on them you can enlarge them to see more clearly.

Baby B is also head down again and had it's feet over it's head. It weighed 3 lbs 1 oz. We got a good profile of it which you can see to the right.

Baby C managed to flip to head down position also and was looking directly at my right hip. It also has its little butt wedged under my right rib cage which is pretty painful. Ashlyn did the exact same thing so there must be a nice pocket there. We were unable to get a picture of this baby because of it's position but it weighed 3 lbs 2 oz.

As of today I've gained a total of 35 lbs and my belly circumference is about 45 inches. I'm still retaining water, some days are worse than others. I had bought a cheap ring I could wear in place of my wedding ring which was getting too small. I got a size bigger and now that one doesn't fit either. Guess I'll just go ringless for a few more weeks.

We tried to get the Dr. to let us set a date for the c-section but he wouldn't commit to anything. He is still hoping for 36 wks which is Nov. 13 but he thinks I may go sooner because of the problems I've been having. I am 30 wks and 4 days today and they say that is good and any further we get now is like a bonus. Especially if we can get the steroid shots to develop the lungs in time. I guess there is a certain window before birth that works best.

Now with all that said we got to spend another lovely night in the hospital on Wed night. Ashlyn was sick with stomach flu on Tues night. I was really careful to wash my hands really good after cleaning her up but I must have been already exposed to it because I got sick on Wed morning. All of the vomiting increased my contractions so the Dr. wanted me to come in to try and stop it so I wouldn't break my water. I was given so many medications I can hardly remember what they all were. I finally stopped throwing up at 9:00 that evening and the contractions, which had been 2-3 min apart when we got there, slowed to 5-6 min. So I spent the rest of the night getting no sleep due to the uncomfortable bed and extremely dry mouth. He checked my cervix again in the morning and still no change so we were able to go home. If my water breaks, I have any bleeding, or my contractions worsen we are to come back. Since I have basically slept from the time we got home until this morning, I am starting to feel better and the contractions are hardly noticeable anymore. I think the only thing saving us is that baby A, although the head is right on my cervix, is turned enough so that the head is not engaged in my pelvis. If that happens I think I will actually start to dilate. Lets hope that doesn't happen for a few more weeks.

There is a battle going on between Watertown hospital and Sioux Valley. Both want us to deliver in their hospital. They both have very good points but we are not quite sure which way to go. Sioux Valley wants us because they have just built a new NICU with a special triplet room and they haven't had triplets yet since it was opened. They seem a lot more high tech and we really loved what we saw on our tours. I think the babies would have exceptional care there. Watertown hasn't delivered triplets for 9 years or so and I think it would be exciting for them. Dr. Benson says he would feel very comfortable delivering them there if we get past 34 weeks. Although he has been a great Dr. and we love the staff there, it's tough after seeing Sioux Valley and how much more prepared they are for multiples. Also it would be nice to not have to travel all the way to Sioux Falls and Watertown is much closer. We've decided to not worry ourselves about it and just wait and see when the time comes. We feel that the right choice will be clear when the time comes.

So anyway the babies are still doing fine and growing like weeds. If the keep this up I think they will be 5 lbs by 34 wks. They still move a lot and some days it almost drives me crazy but I will miss them when they are out. They were very active at the hospital. I think they could hear all the other babies and wanted to come out and play. There were 12 babies and 3 more on the way when we left. The babies have been pretty calm since we got home I think they are catching up on sleep just like mommy. Speaking of I think its time to go back to bed. I am still exhausted. I will update any new info that I get and my next appt is with Dr. Benson on Wed the 11th. I'll try to remember to have Lance take another belly photo tonight.

Take care everyone and thanks for the prayer.

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