Sunday, October 08, 2006

30 wks 4 days.

Here are 2 new belly pics. One is a side view and one is from the front. I don't think I even look pregnant from the front. Just chubby. But from the side, I could easily hide a large oak tree. Don't worry, you can crack all the jokes you want, I won't get offended. Sometimes you just have to laugh.


Anonymous said...

Cadi you really awesome.Carla

deb mcvey said...

Hi All!!! Gma and I just got done viewing your website. I should be packing but this is more fun!! Gosh, you're huge, but think of all that love inside of you!!! We can't wait to see those little ones and help hold them! Melissa went nuts when she read your site. It's so fun to have it so she can keep up with you! She's wondering if you have a regular email address so she can write you. If you have time, send it to me ( and I'll send it on to her! You look gorgeous Cadi! Gma and I had a blast looking at you and the ultrasounds and Ashlyn too! Take care of all of you! Deb

Jan Dietman said...

Hey everybody, I just got your blog site. I've been having fun looking at it. I love your side view pix. Pretty soon you will need a wider lens to get everybody in the shot. Just kidding!! You look great. I am so happy for you all. I sent your web site to all of my girls. They will love looking at it too. I will keep you guys in my prayers. Take care, Jan