Friday, October 13, 2006

32 wk fetus.

Here is another photo from the book I have by Lennart Nilsson. It's called A Child is born. This photo is of a 32 wk fetus which is what our babies will be on Monday. The picture didn't come out as well as I had hoped but you can at least see how cramped they are in there. Now imagine him (if you look close enough you can see that this is a boy baby) to have 2 siblings knocking him around in there.

Ashlyn has added her 2 cents also. The other night I was laying on my side and she climbed up and sat on my belly. The baby on the right rolled onto its side and got stuck there. I had to stand up and push it back because it was very painful.


Jan said...

Cadi etc.,
I really am enjoying your web site. Thanks for sharing with us. You are gonna be an awesome Mama to those babies. If you ever need an extra rocker just let me know. Take care and I'll keep the prayers common'. Love, Jan

deb mcvey said...

Hi All! Gma and I are checking out your website again and absolutely love hearing your comments and seeing the pictures. Gma said to tell you hi and that she's far too old to understand how all this technology works. But she sure enjoys it! I sent your address on to Lis and I'm sure she will be most excited as well and will get in touch soon. When I was in the hospital for the last test on my back, one of the nurses was pregnant - due next month. I'm sure she felt huge herself, but she just had this little basketball tummy. I didn't comment, but was laughing inside and wanted to remind her that "she ain't seen nothin' yet!" It made me think of you and your tummy full of sweet little ones and I said a quick prayer for strength and safety for you all (which by the way - I do often!) Wow!! 32 weeks now! That's a great milestone! I hope you can make it the extra weeks, even though I know it's hard. Please know we all love you and are sending tons of good thoughts and prayers your way! (And of course waiting to help out with snuggles and rocking or something more nutricious like a hotdish!) Love ya all, Deb and Gma, too