Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hey everyone, thanks so much for all of the support we've received since last weekend.

This is me in my pajamas at 29 wks 2 days. Sorry I didn't change into something better but that is what I mostly wear lately so I wanted to be authentic. Things have improved somewhat since then. At my appt on Monday they did a test on my cervix to see if I would go into labor within the next 2 weeks. It came back negative so we can be pretty reassured that they will stay in there until 31 wks, at least. That was great news although I think Lance was a little disappointed. I think he is more than ready to see them and take over some of the parental duties. It has to be a little hard for dads to not get to really bond with their babies during pregnancy the way mom's do.

So unless something else goes wrong the babies will keep being "roomies" in my belly. Though this is ultimately better for them it is difficult for me to imagine how many more weeks this could go on. I hate to sound like I'm complaining because I know it will be worth it in the long run, but it has been tough lately and the light at the end of the tunnel seems so far away right now. If anyone wants to really experience what it feels like to be pregnant with triplets, just take 3 miniature poodles (I hope they aren't that hairy) and swallow them. That may be exaggerating it a little but it sure feels like it to me some days.

Last night I got a small taste of what the future holds. Ashlyn has a cold (which she lovingly passed on to me) and she was awake from 3:00-4:30 am last night. Then just when we finally got her settled the babies decided they didn't like the sound of my stomach growling so they protested by jumping, kicking, punching and whatever else they do in there until around 5 am. I can tell they are growing daily because the wrestling matches get more and more fierce. I expect that if they don't come out soon, one day I will see a hand poke right through and wave. It's actually reassuring to me that they are so strong. Ashlyn was the same way and to this day she is a fighter, so I am positive that they will adapt easily to the outside world no matter when they are born.

I want to once again thank everyone for everything that you've done for us lately. Especially Grandma Vicky, I don't know what we'd have done without her. She has been picking Ashlyn up almost every day and even cooking for us on occasion. Lance has also been a super hero and deserves a medal. I told him I promised I'd give him something really great when all this is over. Something like..... 3 beautiful babies. He agrees that sounds fair. My mom and sister have been a huge help too by taking me to appts when Lance can't go and helping out with Ashlyn. And to anyone who has called and allowed me to ramble on and on, a special thank you cause I know that can be torturous. Lance also thanks you cause then he doesn't get bombarded quite as much when he gets home.

As you can see I have been cheating a little on my bedrest. Shhh!! I do take it easy for the most part and the contractions seem to have slowed significantly. Also my cervix has not changed at all so I think the bedrest is a little extreme. I think I will be able to recover from surgery faster if I get up some. I know my limits though and any time I feel rotten I head right back to bed.

Ok, I will sign off now and will probably not have anything important to say until after Monday, when we go back to Sioux Falls. We are hoping to start forming a plan of some sort with the Dr. about the birth.

Thanks again and hope things are well for you all.

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