Monday, October 23, 2006

33 weeks!!

Here is a photo that was taken last night. My belly is measuring 46 inches and I have gained 39 lbs according to my weight at the clinic yesterday. I think I am growing more down than out lately due to the weight of the babies. Even though I have been eating everything that's not nailed down I haven't gained anything in the past week. I think my own body weight is starting to transfer to the babies. At least I hope they are still gaining. My belly feels heavier every day. There isn't much to report about our appt yesterday with Dr. Benson. He said he was disappointed that he wouldn't get to deliver the babies but he also said he understood, and if it was him he would do the same thing. I felt really bad because they have taken such good care of us and I know it would be really exciting for them to deliver triplets again in Watertown. They delivered a set 7 years ago and the staff all still talks about it. But we are doing what we think is best for our babies. Just in case something went wrong we would much rather be in Sioux Falls then try to transfer there. So hopefully we will make it through this week without any surprises and do the Amnio on Tues next week. My cervix is still closed and Dr. Benson said he is amazed and that it's very rare to still have a closed cervix at 33 weeks with triplets. He also said that if the lungs are mature and nothing unusual happens, the babies might come right home with us after I am discharged. Usually they keep a mom about 4 days after a c-section if there are no complications. That scared me a little to think that we may be bringing 3 babies home at the end of next week. Of course Lance still doesn't see why I am so nervous. He just thinks it will be a piece of cake. So I am just lounging and trying to get comfortable for the next week and hoping that the lungs are mature on Tues.

We took Ashlyn trick-or-treating last Friday evening so I could still participate. We only took her to 4 houses and she made quite a haul. Her pumpkin bucket was full. She loved it, and I'm so glad that I got to share that with her. Thanks to everyone that allowed us to take her early.


Millie said...


I am getting so excited for the three of you (or should I say the 6 of you) and love following your blog.
I imagine things will be extremely busy once you have the babies and return home, so update your blog as soon as you get a chance after having the babies.
I still can't believe that you are a mother of four! You have been truly blessed and we wish you, Lance and the children all the best!

Can't wait to see it posted that you have had the babies and that they are all home with you:)


Lance and Cadi said...

Thanks Millie. It's so good to hear from you. Have you started paperwork on the second adoption yet? I hope it goes smoothly. Are you going with China again?

Anonymous said...

Such good news that you are still doing so well. Surprising, though, that your cervix is still intact. If Lance still thinks this is going to be a piece of cake, I hope he is ready for the whole cake! Ashlyn is so cute in her costume. It was a good idea to go trick-or-treating early so you could participate, and she doesn't know that it's not actually Halloween. So it makes no difference to her. Well, I'll say more prayers for you and the babies. Hope everything goes well.

Lance and Cadi said...

Hi Debbie,
She had a blast, but I don't think she even knows what Halloween is. She has seen a commercial on TV where they say Trick-or-treat and repeated it a few times but never would say it that night. It was more for the benefit of the adults to watch her. Thanks for the prayers and I agree with you about Lance. He doesn't have a clue but I think his excitement and cluelessness is very cute. I think he is just so excited to see them that he can't think about what happens after that. It will be a lot of work but fun at times, also.

deb mcvey said...

Hey All!! It's so fun to read how you're doing. It all sounds really good and the thought that you could actually bring those babies home with you is awesome! We can't wait to see them too and are looking forward to some snuggles with them! We do snuggle with Gma's kitties, but that's just not the same. Now that we're living out at Gma's hopefully we can get over there to see you all. Hang in there, girl. You're almost there and your reward will be three darling little ones! Relax.....if that's possible... so you're ready for this new adventure. We're sayin' prayers! Love, Deb

Cris said...


I had an amnio with Luca. I was really worried that it would be painful, but the needle was so thin I hardly felt it! It hurts more to have an IV started!

It sounds like you are doing well.
We'll be thinking of you!


Lance and Cadi said...

Thanks Deb, I'm glad to see your all moved in before it got too cold. Grandma's kitten's are fun. One was playing with Ashlyn's kitty tail on her costume.

Thanks for making me feel less nervous about the amnio, Cris. I think I have to have an anatomy ultrasound first, which can take an hour or so then it's supposed to take like 20 min per baby for the amnio. It's hard to lay on a table with a 30 lb belly for that long. We just hope everything is ready cause we are getting really excited the closer it gets. IV's aren't fun, next time request Lidocaine first. It makes a huge difference. A lot more nurses are doing this now.

Take care both of you and thanks again for the thoughts and prayers.

Millie said...

Hi Cadi,

No, we haven't started the paperwork/paperchase for number two just yet. We've talked about it and have been tempted to send the application in, but then decide to wait a little longer:)

We just love Kay at this age and I'm just not quite there yet with having a second child. Kay will be three next month and we may send the application in then. The way things are going, it's been a wait of around 14 months, so she could be getting close to Kindergarten by the time that we do the paperchase( a couple of months) and then wait for her baby sis. The wait goes up and down constantly, so we're trying to time it closer to her being in school. It's nothing like the wait for Kay(only 6 months)! I've been told that paperchasing the second time around is much easier(even with a child) because you are much more relaxed. I hope this is true:)

Yes, we will be going back to China. We briefly looked at a few other countries, but with Chris' Chinese heritage and with Kay being from China, we've chose to go there again.

Anyway, enough about us! I just can't wait to hear that your beautiful babies have been born and are home with their wonderful family! I'm thinking of you and praying that everything goes smoothly and swiftly, so that you can get home and enjoy your beaufiful new family!