Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can't I just have it all?

Can't I have an immaculately clean house, happy, obedient kids, be able to prepare healthy meals from scratch, and have time to blog?

Can't I have perfect flawless skin, hair that doesn't look like a rats nest, curves to die for and a flat, pencil thin midriff? I guess some brains and a personality would be good too.

Can't I have a husband who works hard, helps out with the kids, does housework, and is incredibly handsome? Wait I already have that. Thank God!!

Happy Belated Father's Day, Lance!! I'd have done this post sooner but I'm working on all of the above.


Dorinda said...

Love it! Hilarious. I want all of that too. Maybe we should make our club :) Triplet moms who want it all! I do have to say ever since the girls my husband and I have been working harder then ever on other stuff so maybe someday soon we will have it all!

And even if we don't we have some beautiful kiddos to make everything else worth it.

MaryBeth said...