Saturday, March 29, 2008

Climb...climb...up sunshine mountain.

At this very moment I am watching on the baby monitor, Gaby and Ryan, jumping frantically, while poor Brooke is asleep. She was awake at 6 am this morning and was so grouchy and tired. I only hope it's not as loud up there as it is down here.

Speaking of nap time, I wanted to show you a few nap related photos. The title of my post refers to the song that we sing when the babies slowly, but surely, climb up the stairs to bed. Gaby bolts up the stairs, where Brooke and Ryan casually make their way, stopping to explore bits of lint on the stairs and try to look over the banister.
Once all the babies are in bed, we sing Rock-A-Bye Baby. Ashlyn has gotten pretty good at singing some of these songs lately and Gaby is making an attempt. She has the rhythm down, just not the tune or exact words. Although you see a lot of my kids in PJ's these are some I took of them in their spring pajamas.Notice the pink socks. Lance, who at first wouldn't allow pink to come near his son, actually puts pink on him more than anyone else. He thinks its funny. Actually, when given a choice, Ryan will pick the color pink over other colors. Probably because we have so much of it around, to him its like white.

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MaryBeth said...

Cute new pictures!! They all look so happy... I'll be glad for happy looks to come back to our house soon!