Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Brooke is Home!!!

As of 8 pm on last Friday night, all our babies are home. It has been so great having them all home and healthy. They have been sleeping 3-4 hours at a stretch for the most part. Gabriella wakes up and cries sometimes and needs to be held but it doesn't take long to settle her down again. I have to keep this short because they will be waking up soon. We had a Dr. appt today and they have all gained weight. Gabriella weighs 7lbs. Ryan weighs 5lbs 15oz. Brooke weighs 6lbs 8oz.

Thanks to everyone for all the gifts, visits, food, or anything else you've done. Hopefully I will get formal thank you's sent out soon. At least before they graduate from high school.


mindy said...

Hey Lance and Cadi! This is your favorite Nurse, Mindy :) (ha, ha, ha). I ran into one of your friends that came to visit the babies (at a wedding) and went to ask her how all of you were doing and she gave me the address to this site. I was so excited to hear how they were doing and to see pictures of them again! I miss them all so much and it was so sad for me to send Brooke home even though it was exciting that your whole family could finally be together again! I hope things continue to go well! Take care!

Lance and Cadi said...

Hi there Mindy! Wow that is funny that you saw one of my friends at a wedding. Who was it? That is great that you can now keep up on the babies whenever you want. I will be posting some pictures again soon. Maybe tomorrow. They are doing so good. They sleep at least 3 hours at a time and are still eating good. Gabriella is still the loudest and Brooke the quietest but she makes her presence known once in a while. Sorry we had to take them away from you but it is so good to be home. Ryan is gaining weight the fastest. He is trying hard to catch up. Thanks for the email. It was so nice to hear from you again. You really were our favorite nurse.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness the Gabriella, Ryan, and Brooke are getting so big and so cute! I was so excited to see the new pictures. I forgot my user name and password and have now given up on figuring out and will post anonymous so I can send you another message. :) As far as who your friend was....I forgot her name now, but I believe she's a cousin to Kris Brohnson if that helps you place her. I'm sure it's great to be home and I'm glad you could take them home....as they truly are yours....but I miss them tons. They are my favorite! The bumbo seats look like they will be amazing and help them developmentally! I hope you're adjusting to life with 4 children and that you're still finding some time for yourselves!!! I better keep moving I'm hoping to start getting caught up on my scrapbooking since I have the day off. I look forward to your future posts! -Mindy Kindt