Friday, November 10, 2006

The Pictures Are In.

This is a picture of Ryan. He was the smallest of the three. He is the one Cadi said looks like Lance. He has already gained weight. He was up to 5 pounds last I heard.

This one is Brooke. The middle weight. I just found out this morning that she gave everyone a big scare. Last night during her feeding, from her feeding tube, Cadi laid her down and went to check on Ryan. They are in seperate rooms. When she returned Brooke was not breathing. Cadi shook her and wacked her back and she then coughed up some formula. Thankfully she was breathing again. So this just shows us how little and fragile they are. Please keep them in your prayers.

So this one is Gabriella. She is the biggest and yesterday she ate all of her milk from a bottle. Cadi called her the cupcake baby. She is the one who gained all the weight from the sweets Cadi ate. Someone told me it was said that she sort of had the same look as my son Nicholas did when he was little. I can see this in this picture. It is something in the eyes. I have a hard time telling them apart. They are all cute.

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