Monday, November 20, 2006

Two out of three ain't bad.

Well we came home on Saturday with Gabriella and Ryan. Gabriella was discharged on Thursday and we kept her in Sioux Falls until Ryan was discharged on Saturday. Then we made the trip home. All babies slept all the way home, including Ashlyn. I even caught a cat nap, which was much needed. Brooke will have to stay until she can take all her feedings by bottle and none through her feeding tube. She is taking about half but has moments when she does better. We are hoping it won't be much longer since she is so far away and daddy has to work and mommy has her brother and sister. We miss her but it will be hard to visit. Grandma Vicky went down today to see her so at least she isn't alone today.

The two are doing great so far and adjusting to home life. They have been eating every 3-4 hours and sleeping most of the time in between. They seem to be good babies so far. Ashlyn is doing much better now that we are home and she is getting used to them staying here. The first night home she had a melt down and we had to call for reinforcments. Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Sarah came over to hold babies so mommy and daddy could spend some time with her.

Today started the first day of Mom and Grandma daycare. My mom has decided to quit her job to come and help out with the babies most days during the week. So far, so good. The babies haven't kept us running too much. We even managed to get a few things done around the house. Things will be a bit different when Brooke comes home. Especially when they all get a little older.

As much as everyone wants to come over and visit to see the babies, we are trying to limit the number of visitors due to it being cold and flu season. I have heard there are a lot of bugs out there and we are just asking that you use your best judgement before stopping by. If you or anyone you know has been sick or exposed to sickness, please try to hold out a little longer before coming to visit. I will try and post pictures here more often so you can see them. It takes a while to upload each photo so I can't usually post more than one at a time.

Well I need to go now and eat some lunch before the babies wake up to eat. Thanks to everyone who has called, visited, sent things, and prepared food for us. Everything has been much appreciated.

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Congratulations on getting two babies home. Will be watching to see when the third one comes home. Love being able to keep up on all the relatives that are far away. Carolyn Ferrazzi