Friday, September 08, 2006

Talk about "Big Mamma". I have gained a total of 30 lbs and my waist is measuring 43 1/4 inches. I'm starting to run out of clothes to wear but since my trips out of the house are getting less and less, soon it won't matter. Anyone have any old bedsheets or drapes they want to get rid of? I am thinking of starting a trend. Togas can come back, right?

Mostly I have been staying home and taking it easy. That has to be the reason that this pregnancy is still going so well. We had a Dr. appt on Tues which was 26 wks and 1 day. Dr. Benson made me feel good by telling me that I was a model pregnancy for triplets. They couldn't find one thing wrong. Blood pressure was good (112/60), I had the gestational diabetes screening done which came back normal, and my hemoglobin which was starting to dip down over the last 3 visits was the highest it's been. So other than my belly getting too heavy for my legs to carry, I can't complain much. My hips were really sore at night, making sleeping next to impossible, but since I got a foam mattress pad I have been sleeping much better. OK, want to hear something cute? As I'm typing this entry, Ashlyn came up and saw my belly shot on the screen. Even though you can't see my face she points and says "Mamma". Anyway back to the Dr. visit. We got some really great news when the Dr. said that our babies had passed another milestone. He said that when babies are over 1000 grams, their chance of survival without any lasting birth defects are very good. 1000 grams is equal to 1 kg which is equal to 2.2 lbs. Our babies weighed in at 2.6, 2.2, and 2.3 lbs. So if they were born today they would have a really good chance of being normal, healthy babies.

A very cute thing happened during my ultrasound. My appt was at 8 am and when the technician started on Baby A we saw it yawn and roll away from us. Just like it was saying "leave me alone, I'm still tired". I said that one has to be a girl. Baby A is still head down resting right on my cervix, which explains the more frequent contractions. So far we have only had one evening when we were thinking of calling the Dr. If I rest and drink lots of water they seem to go away. Otherwise I only have them occasionally throughout the day. Baby B was sitting straight up with it's head right under my ribs on the left. Baby C was laying across the top and down the right side, with it's head right next to Baby B (I think they are planning something, hopefully not how to break out). It's feet were kicking my right hip.

Well Ashlyn is tiring of this game so I better find something more exciting for her to do. Luckily she still loves reading books because that is our major source of entertainment since mommy can't do bucking bronco like daddy. Take care everyone!! Our next appt is Sept. 18 in Sioux Falls. I told someone the other day that 32 wks was Oct 16th and took a big gulp when I realized that is next month!! I really hope to wait until after Halloween because I want to take Ashlyn trick or treating. She has a cute kitty costume and I think she will really enjoy going to houses this year.


Anonymous said...

So glad that things are going well! Looking good "big Mamma"! =) eehehe

Anonymous said...

sorry! this is damaraalthea =)(Megan)