Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hey everyone. Sorry it takes me so long to update my blog. The computer is becoming more and more difficult to use because of my ever expanding waistline. I can only sit for a few minutes and my back aches and my stomach cuts off the circulation in my legs. So I will make this quick.

We had a Dr. appt in Sioux Falls on Monday and the babies all looked wonderful. Lots of movement and they are experimenting with breathing. Babies this age practice breathing for when they are out of the womb by moving their rib cage in and out. It looks just like they are breathing. I'm sure there is a more scientific way of saying all that but that would be boring. The weights were:

Baby A-- 2 lbs 14 oz
Baby B-- 2 lbs 12 oz
Baby C-- 2 lbs 11 oz

They gained almost 2 lbs between the 3 of them and I only gained 2 lbs so they must be getting most of what I eat now. I have been sick off and on again due to crowding of all my organs. I have only vomited once but feel the urge often. It has been hard to keep eating like I should. I had heard this would happen so I'm glad now that I gained as much as I could during the past few months. My waistline is up to 44 inches now and there is always something, or should I say someone, sticking out. They are also starting to use my rib cage as a xylophone for their 3 baby band. I could say my cervix is the drum since it feels like someone is pounding on it. Baby A is still head I guess that one is a head banger.

Blood pressure was still fantastic. It's better than it was when I was pregnant with Ashlyn. I really think it has to do with not working. I was a full time student and working part time during that pregnancy. I have only been a full time toddler chaser this time. The only news that was different this time is my cervix is starting to change. I had some funneling, which means it is starting to open up from the inside and it had shortened from 3.2 cm to 2.1 cm. The Dr. did check to see if I was dilated from the outside and he said it was still closed but was getting softer. Sorry if that is too graphic for ya'll but when your a nurse it's second nature to describe body parts and functions in detail. I can't help myself. So anyway, Dr. Boyle was not concerned and said he would be more surprised if there hadn't been a change since I am 28 wks now with 3 heavy babies in there. It could very well go on like this for weeks. I have been having more contractions the past week but still nothing that told me to go to the hospital. I have an appt with Dr. Benson in Watertown on Monday the 25th. In the meantime if I have any bleeding or leaking of fluids, increase in contractions, or back pain I should hit the road, as Dr. Boyle said it.

I feel very grateful to have made it to 28 wks and hope to make it to at least 32. The days seem to be dragging and I am mostly miserable but I keep trying to picture how small they would be if they were born now and that helps me hang on. The majority of triplets weigh between 3 and 4 lbs and I'm pretty confident ours will be at least that. They seem to be gaining steadily.

We toured the labor and delivery wing this appt which is where I will be staying until I am discharged after my C-section. They have beautiful rooms that can almost compare to a 4 star hotel (you could even have the colon cleansing that seems to be so popular these days...except I think they're called an enema there). Cherry wood and everything. I can even say I am looking forward to my stay there. That is sad, isn't it? Maybe Lance and I could call it our 10 year anniversary getaway that we never got to have last month. The babies, if they are in the ICN (intensive care nursery), will be on the same floor but a different wing. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to see them until the next day, after my surgery, but they said I would be able to see them the first day. Mostly though I will be resting while Lance has baby duty. Let him hold them for a while, I've had them for long enough. If it's anything like Ashlyn, I only got to hold her when I nursed her for the first 2 days. Lance wouldn't share.

We only got one ultrasound picture this time because the other babies wouldn't cooperate. It was of Baby B. We got Baby A last time. They all look the same to us and definitely all have the same nose as Ashlyn. I picture 3 more with black hair and brown eyes just like her. I'm hoping for at least one blue eyed blondie but if they are as beautiful as she is, I can't complain.

Well my feet are asleep and my stomach is growling so I better stop here. I will try and post as soon as I can when the babies come but I'm not sure when I will be able to. There may have been computers in each of the patients rooms but they might just be for the nurses charting. We will try and call everyone with the news though and I promise I won't be hopped up on Demerol this time. Last time I had to start crossing people off the list as soon as I called them because I couldn't remember who I called and what I said. Until then I will try and update at least once a week. We will see the Dr. every Monday now so I should have some kind of news.

Take care everyone. I hope everything is going well for you too.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you are still doing well. Keep up the good "work" of resting and helping those babies grow!

I enjoy reading your blog. I didn't know what a blog was until you sent this to me.

Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Millie said...

Sounds as though everything is going great! Keep up the good work for those beautiful babies as I wait to hear of their arrival:)

I don't get to post much with chasing Kiersten around, but I check your blog often for updates.
I often think back about those early days of IVF and think about how blessed you have been, what an amazing story!

If you talk to Shellie, tell her that I said hello! How is her little one doing? Does she have another little one yet? I haven't "talked" to her forever! The last time that I talked to Andrea they were thinking about possibly having number 2!:) She may very well be pregnant right now.

Anyway, hang in there..... you're doing great!!

Take Care!


pat said...

Who takes you to your appointments, Milbank house movers? Glad to hear and see you are doing well. Take care--
The night crew......pat,linda,maggie

Lance and Cadi said...

Pretty funny, Pat, I bet I still weigh less than you do, big guy! Thanks to everyone for your comments. You've inspired me to want to keep them in longer even though they are making me miserable.