Friday, August 25, 2006

We made it to 24 wks!! Now we will start counting down to our next goal which is 28 wks. At this point if they were born they would at least have a chance of surviving. We had an appt with the specialist in Sioux Falls on Monday and everything looked great. The babies are good weights: Baby A --1 lb 9 oz, Baby B --1 lb 7 oz, and Baby C --1 lb 9 oz. The heart rates were all similar and were nice and strong. The tech was even surprised to see all 3 babies are head down already. They may not stay that way but since we will more than likely have a C-section anyway it won't matter. That explains why I have been feeling more pressure in my pelvis lately. Somedays I feel like I am going to split in half. We even saw Baby A's head bouncing off of my cervix. I've been having feelings like someone is trying to dig their way out. That's the great thing about ultrasound. You can actually see what is going on in there. The babies are definitely getting cramped but seemed to be happy. We didn't see any fighting anyway this time.

I know I've said this before but I would like to remind everyone that we do not want to, or plan to, find out the sexes of these babies until they are born. It has been hard for us to share all of the excitement that each doctor's visit brings when we are bombarded each time with "Why don't you want to find out?". Lance and I discussed it and both agreed that we didn't want to know. We have been guessing for fun but are looking forward to the moment when the doctor pulls each one out and says what they are. I know it didn't make things any easier when Lance announced at Aunt Jean's that "we know, we just aren't telling anyone". He came up with this stupid plan to get everyone upset because he thought it would be funny. You all know Lance and his idea of humor. It isn't true but I'm sure he will keep saying just to get a reaction.

Anyway, back to our appt. We got a chance to tour the ICN (intensive care nursery) and it was a huge reality check for us. Sioux Valley just opened their new ICN a few months ago and we were very impressed. Each family has their own private room. There is even a triplet room so all of our babies can be together. Each room has a pull out sofa with a privacy screen so the parents can stay right with the babies. This is a huge difference than all of the families hanging out in the same room. Plus they have a neonatologist right there 24/7 in case the babies need something. All of this put us at ease but seeing all the tiny babies was very heartwrenching. We watched nurses working on brand new twins that were just brought up. They weighed around 4 lbs, which is a good size for preemies, but it was very difficult to imagine if that were our babies. I had to leave the room because I was starting to tear up. My raging hormones got the better of me. Then the last baby we saw was a little over 2 lbs, which is not much bigger than what our babies weigh right now. I gave my belly a good lecture after seeing that. They have strict orders to stay put for at least 2 more months. Speaking of my belly, I posted the latest photo which Lance took last night. I was 24 wks 3 days. I feel and look like I did right before I delivered Ashlyn. How I will manage 2 more months is beyond me but I know others have done it so it is possible. I am having a few contractions here and there but nothing to worry about. I have been doing a lot less at home and rarely go out anymore because my back hurts constantly now. Mostly I rest and play with Ashlyn as much as I can. She has been a comfort to me but I know she feels like mommy has turned into a couch potato. She loves it when daddy comes home and plays with her. At least she loves books so we read a LOT of books. Mostly the same ones over and over and over. I am just trying my hardest to stay out of the hospital because then I would never get to see her. I miss her when she is gone for half a day so it would be unbearable to be gone for any longer.

Well I think I have talked about pretty much everything now. The babies seem to move all the time now. I think they wake each other up. They seem to repond more to music and Ashlyn's voice. Yesterday Baby B rolled onto it's side and my stomach was lopsided with a shoulder sticking out. It was a little uncomfortable until it moved back. Lord help me when they weigh 3-4 lbs.

Thank you all for all the thoughts and prayers. Without all of you I don't think we would have made it this far and be doing so well. Our doctors are all impressed that we haven't had any serious complications yet. Also a huge thank you to all of you that have donated or allowed us to use their baby things. We already have a nursery almost packed. Oh, and I had another reality check when I bought 3 packs of newborn diapers thinking "I hope that isn't too many". I know for a fact that Ashlyn used more than one pack of newborn diapers so 3 will probably last me a few days. Yikes!! Good thing we are coupon people. Also I have learned that if I submit copies of the babies birth certificates to the major diaper companies, they will send lots of coupons.

So thanks again everyone. We feel so blessed that we were chosen to have these babies but even more blessed to have all of you for support.

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