Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Well yesterday I started my 23rd week of pregnancy. We will be happy to get to our first goal which is 24 weeks. Only 5 more days. Then the babies will be considered viable which means if they are born any time after that they will have a chance of surviving. Of course the longer they stay in the better their chances are so our next goal will be 28 wks, then 32, and then 34. Our Dr. in Sioux Falls says his average for delivering triplets is 34-35 wks. Though it will be torturous on my part to make it that far, the babies would be much better off so I will do my best. I seem to be getting bigger by the day. My belly measures 41 inches now and I've gained 20 lbs. Everyone says I don't look very big for triplets but I definitely feel like I did right before I delivered Ashlyn. So far no bedrest or hospital stays which makes me very happy. I would miss Ashlyn way too much. My blood pressure was up for a few days when Wilmot had their Harvest Fest and it was 100 plus degrees. But after resting for a few days it went back down. Over all I'm feeling pretty good. The babies should be over a pound now and close to a foot long. It's really hard to imagine 3 feet and 3 lbs of babies in there. I'm also starting to add to my stretch mark collection so that's another sign of my growth. I think Lance is amazed when he comes home from work each day and it seems like I've grown another inch. He always says "hey big mamma!" We go back to Sioux Falls on Monday to see the specialist again. I can't believe it has been a month already! We saw Dr. Benson on the 8th but they didn't even check for heartbeats and the only ultrasound we got was to check the length of my cervix. They will check this every appt now to make sure it doesn't start to shorten which would be a sign of beginning labor. Usually 4 or greater is good and mine was 4 1/2 to 5 so that was a relief. I'll have more news after Monday.

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