Tuesday, August 15, 2006

These were taken on Sunday. Two are from the Trainfest when we rode the train. Ashlyn was very tired and we neglected to pack a Binky, which she has never slept without. So daddy went and bought her this huge train-shaped sucker to try and "pacify" her. It worked, but she and daddy were sticky from head to toe by the time we got back. I never thought I would give my child candy to make her stop screaming, but I decided the rest of the passengers would not enjoy their ride unless we bribed her a little. Over all it was worth it because she really enjoyed the ride. We were worried that the train robbers would scare her but she loved them because they were riding horses.

The last picture is of that night when we were back home. After her bath we decided to wait to dress her until bedtime. She wanted to go outside and it was chilly so she wore snow boots and a fleece jacket. She loved the boots and had a great time outside.

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