Friday, August 18, 2006

Well it's after 10 pm and once again I hear snoring from both directions of the house and here I sit with 3 of my children jumping around like frogs. Of course they would happen to be the ones living inside my belly. I can almost hear them saying "Lets get this party started!". I just pray that they develop Ashlyn's sleeping habits early in life and then maybe I can get some sleep. I posted this picture of her, which was taken a few weeks ago, napping with 2 of her "pets". Don't' worry, she sleeps like her dad and a freight train couldn't wake her, so no harm came in the taking of this picture. I don't think there is much better in this world than to stare at your child while they are asleep. I have taken so many pictures of her asleep that Lance thinks I'm strange. I can be at times, but that's beside the point. I just want to be able to look back when she is away at college (or living in L.A. with Aunt Rita, if that is what she chooses) and see my little girl sound asleep in her crib, where no one could ever hurt her and she is still my baby. Yes, if you haven't already guessed, the hormones are building like a pressure cooker these days. I don't remember being this sensitive or sentimental (key word being mental) when I was pregnant with Ashlyn. I think it has something to do with watching a tiny baby turn into an independent toddler in a little over a year. I've realized how precious the time with your children really is. My mom gave me good advice when I was pregnant with Ashlyn. She said, don't ever say "I can't wait until she....." because they grow up so fast and soon they are gone. I have done my best to live by this. Even when she was waking every 2 hours to be fed I never complained once. So I have also tried to enjoy these moments with the babies all to myself. I realize this will probably be my last pregnancy (unless God has other plans that he hasn't told us about). Once they are born the days and nights will be so busy it will be hard to enjoy them the way I have with Ashlyn but you will never hear me say "I can't wait until they......". And my point is what, you ask? I don't know, forgive me if I don't really have one. Hopefully you can find something worth reading in this post. If not, at least maybe by spilling my rambling brain onto this page I will be able to sleep more and think less tonight, when I do make it back to bed. First I will stand at the crib and watch Ashlyn snore for a few more minutes. It has a much sweeter sound to it than the one that awaits me across the hall (sounds like a grizzly bear in hibernation). Good thing Lance never reads my babbling. He usually only looks at the pictures.

I hope everyone is well and that this didn't bore you all too much.

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