Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A cure for the winter-time blues.

I got this idea from the Parenting magazine and it was a huge hit at our house on a Sunday afternoon when it was too cold to go outside. It said to make forts out of your couch cushions and ball up socks to use as "snow balls", then have a snow ball fight. Ashlyn and I teamed up against Daddy and we kicked his butt. The babies mostly got caught in the cross fire but they giggled when a snow ball bounced off of their head. Anyone who knows Lance can guess how much he enjoyed this game. I had to set rules up from the get go that he was not to turn into Rambo and that he should go easy on Ashlyn, at least. Of course, I was his favorite target so I didn't need to worry too much. Eventually I just put the basket on my head so my face was protected. We will definitely play this again.
Then afterwards we took warm baths and had hot cocoa. The only downside is that we are still finding balled up socks throughout the house that got lost during the battle. Oh well, missing socks are a daily occurance at our house anyway.

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MaryBeth said...

What a great idea! It looks like everyone had fun. Maybe we'll have to give that a try sometime.