Sunday, May 13, 2007

"This is SNOT what I signed up for"

Our house can be described as happily chaotic on most days of the week, deliriously joyful on some, and downright disastrous on a few. These past 2 weeks we've seen a few more of those days since our family caught a bug. And I don't mean we're keeping a beetle in a jar with holes in the lid. As you can see from the picture, our sense of humor remains in tact.

I have spent days and nights with a sick baby, while I myself was sick, in the past. Until now I had never spent endless days and endless nights with 4 babies, all of them sick. Wait, since Lance is also sick, make that 5 babies. (Girls, you know what I'm talking about.) I don't even want to discuss all the snot I've extracted in the past 2 weeks. And of course when they have legs to assist them in escape, it's never as simple as gently dabbing at the copious amounts of green goo hanging off of their face. You have to run after them, tackle them, and then while your begging them to "hold still, we're almost done" they start screaming and crying which only increases the amount of snot that has to be wiped. I don't know why but Ashlyn only gets the blowing part right when she doesn't have a tissue under her nose. If you put a tissue up to her face, she won't blow. As soon as she steals a tissue out of the box, when your not looking, she holds it 6 inches from her face and blows snot like she's getting paid for it. But we are on the mend. The bug is almost gone. We actually fared pretty well. Only a few nights of little sleep which is nothing new for an insomniac like me.

During all the dosing of medication we discovered that Brooke has her first tooth. The second is also nearly through. She has been showing it off quite frequently. If she recognizes you and likes you, she will bust out into the cutest little grin. If she doesn't like you, or if you dare approach her with a towel on your head, she will bust out in something other than a grin. Very loudly.

So now that the babies are 6 months (I know, can you believe it?) and since Brooke was trying her hardest to eat every bite of my meal one evening, we started them on solids. We've decided for now it's best to feed them one at a time. I attempted to feed Ryan and Gaby at the same time just once and each one cried every time I gave the other a bite.

Gabriella is showing her sophisticated look. Don't you just want to kiss her??

"OK Dad, I'm ready to go to work!!" "Wait, now where did I leave my pants???"

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