Thursday, April 26, 2007

"The binky fairy came, too bad I didn't have my gun"

It has been a pretty difficult week for Ashlyn. We decided that since she is 2 now, it was high time she gave up her binkies. We told her that the binky fairy would come and take all her binkies to give to a baby because she was a big girl now and didn't need them anymore. Then the fairy would leave her a present. She was really excited when she opened the drawer and saw the new frog bath toy and candy. Everything went great the first day and we were thinking things went way more smoothly than we had ever thought. Boy were we wrong. Every day was progressively worse until the 4th day. Since then, she hasn't asked for it once and goes to bed now without difficulty. She even started sleeping in her toddler bed, which she refused to do until now. I think the whole process was more heartbreaking for me than it was for her. My baby is hitting some major milestones which are taking her further and further away from me. In the end I know it is the best for her and I know that it is not my job to be her best friend or give her everything she wants. A parents job is to raise their child to be a healthy, well adjusted, individual. I hope one day she will be able to say we did that.

Snuggle up for a bedtime story. This is one of our favorite times of the day. Everyone in their jammies. We are so lucky that our kids all go to bed easily and sleep through the night (most of the time). I remember when Lance and I decided to start trying for a baby and we went to our family physician to make sure we were really ready. We told him we couldn't imagine our lives without kids and he jokingly said "kids are great................when they're asleep". I have to agree with him. Don't misunderstand me, I love my kids with all my heart and would readily give my life for any one of them. But nothing beats seeing your children all curled up, in bed, asleep. They look so peaceful. It makes you feel like a good parent and that you've accomplished something.

Ryan, Brooke and Gabriella with the blankets I started when I was pregnant but my back hurt to much to finish them then.

Brooke and Ryan have started rolling over but Gaby is way too interested in the ceiling to even try yet. They will be 6 months old on May 8th.

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