Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ah,'s a beautiful thing.

It's surprising how much difference a little sleep can make. Last night I had the first solid night of sleep I've had in a long time. I feel so great that I feel like dancing.

I actually exercised this morning, which I haven't done in weeks. Getting dressed in the morning has been the extent of my daily workout lately. To be honest I haven't even done that very much lately(thank you to whomever decided pajama pants and fluffy slippers can be stylish). I have been struggling with sleep for many years now and since having children it has gotten worse. When my body says "ok, it's time to go to bed" my brain says "wait, there is so much to think about, worry about, ponder, question, debate, explore, and plan". Though I have used this time to my advantage a few times it's mostly a hindrance to my well being. If you've ever noticed me behaving a bit strange( more so than usual) it can probably be attributed to lack of sleep.
This past, glorious, night of sleep can be attributed to many things. My kids are almost over their colds so they're sleeping better, Lance has been helping out more often lately(refer to post below, if you haven't already), and drugs. Yes, Tom Cruise, sometimes drugs can be good. Speaking as a health professional, sometimes drugs are very good.I won't disclose what these particular medications are(unless the drug companies decided to send a couple of bucks my way for promoting their product) but I will assure you that they are prescription and I am being monitored by my doctor. I realize that meds will not solve everyones problems and that they are not a cure all. Normally, I hate taking medications, but sometimes they are needed and I hope I feel this good tomorrow.

I have been a bit stressed lately, what with having 4 children, 2 and under. It hasn't been easy. After wanting to be a mom for my whole life and my dreams finally coming true, all at once, there is a lot of work involved. There is also a lot of worrying. I should be enjoying every minute of this. I have always loved babies and I now I have 4 of them. Plus they are adorable and their smiles make me melt. There have been times when I have thought my life couldn't get any better. But there have also been times when I could have walked out the door and not looked back, for at least a couple of hours.

For now I feel good and I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. Until the next wave of stress and anxiety hits me. I'm sure every person who reads this can relate in some way. I hope you can find peace, as well. Even for a moment.

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