Saturday, August 01, 2009

Meet Coco.

Ashlyn was begging for a horse one day and I made the mistake of suggesting we get a pony. Well a week later, after thinking about all the expense and risk a horse would bring to our family I told Lance I had changed my mind.As you can see it was too late. Lance had said something to Grandpa Ray and he went and bought 6 horses. This little pony was one of them.Ashlyn was thrilled for a whole 2 days. She was either riding him or standing beside him and chasing flies off of his face. The newness has worn off now so he only gets the occasional visit but he really seems to like her. One day she wasn't paying much attention to him even though he was following her so he nipped her on the back.Gaby gives a whole new meaning to the term bareback. Don't ask me why she isn't wearing a shirt. At least she has on pants.


Dorinda said...

So, now you have 6 horses? Or just 1?! Yikes, girl! Looks like she loves it though.

Gaby cracks me up :)

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

We just have one little pony. That is enough.