Thursday, July 02, 2009

Day 2 of vacation.

Grandpa Ray's birthday. Grandma Vicky got the kids these outfits on her trip to Texas. They look really cute on them. I tried to get a nice shot of them all together. Its like pulling teeth (which Gaby must have thought I was going to do cause she couldn't keep her hands away from her mouth).Ashlyn and her cousin Amanda couldn't stand to be more than 6 inches apart. They spent most of the evening with their arms around each other. I love that she gets to spend so much time with her cousins.
As if getting 4 kids to all look and smile at the same time wasn't hard enough, here are 6. Ashlyn is the oldest at 4, then Riley and Amanda (who are twins) are 3, and Gabriella, Ryan, and Brooke are 2.


MaryBeth said...

I'm loving all the vacation pictures, and the fact that you are having time to post them. Enjoy your vacation!!

The Kindt Family said...

I love the dresses! So cute! That's what makes girls so fun.