Thursday, March 29, 2007

Go's your birthday!!

Ashlyn will be turning 2 on April 2nd. Yes, it is her golden birthday.

These are before and after photos from one of her parties. Thanks everyone, for making it so much fun!!

I'd like to know who coined the phrase "terrible twos". Have there actually been children who were angels one day and woke up on their 2nd birthday wearing horns and a red cape? I can't speak for other parents but my child has been going on 2 for a while now. Just when I thought she was the model child with her good manners and happy demeanor. Suddenly the word no entered her vocabulary. And she learned to whine. She no longer wants to bathe, get dressed, eat, brush her teeth, or go to bed unless fruit snacks are involved. She either wants to go with us when we choose to leave her behind or stay home when we want to take her with. She can do the "wet noodle maneuver" or the "stiff as a board" depending on whether your trying to pick her up or put her down . On a really good day she can throw herself backward and not crack her head open (at least she hasn't yet).

Actually, we can't complain too much. Over all she really is pretty good. We'll keep her.

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