Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rub-a-dub-dub 3 babies in the tub.

The babies will be 5 months old on Easter!! I can hardly believe it. They are really getting big. Ryan is over 14 lbs now. Gabriella is 13 and a half. Brooke is still the peanut and weighs in at 12 lbs 9 oz.

For what she lacks in size Brooke makes up for in energy. If you put her in a bouncy seat she tries to sit up and hangs from the straps to grab her toes. If you sit her on your lap she waves her arms around and likes to stand as much as she can. She is still very smiley and it doesn't take much to make her laugh. She has lost a lot of her hair but she still has one lock that comes down on her forhead, or sticks straight up, depending on the day.

It's funny how you can tell someone's personality from the time they are infants. I hate to say it, and I apologize in advance to Gaby if she reads this some day, but we really named her appropriately. We didn't know anything about these babies when we named them but maybe she decided she should live up to her name. She will babble (and sometimes very loudly) from sun up to sun down. She has even, on occasion, been heard babbling in the middle of the night. She has become very shy of strangers lately. It's almost funny to watch her pucker her little bottom lip and then start to wail.

Ryan is such a relaxed, easy going, little guy. He smiles so easily and loves to laugh. He can fall asleep anywhere and is usually very easy to please. He is a a big flirt. He will sit and wait for any of the 3 girls to look his way and then he grins and squirms. They of course ignore him, poor guy. His hair is really coming in blonde. It looks just like Lance's when he was a baby. It's almost white, it's so light. He still has daddy's big blue eyes too.

These pictures were all taken after their bath a few days ago. Ryan is the one in blue, Gaby is the middle one, and Brooke is the one on top. I have a ton of pictures I would like to download but it's hard to find the time. I've moved my computer to the basement so now it's my place for quiet time. I've found it to be even more enjoyable if I turn on some music to drown out the toddler pounding on the door. Earplugs work also.

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