Thursday, December 28, 2006

Rewind a bit.

Guess what? The babies are sleeping past the 3 hour mark right this instant and I have a spare minute to post. Never mind that there are loads of laundry and a sink of dirty dishes. Plus the house looks like a small tornado went through and left burp clothes, diapers, bottles, and toys. But, today I feel like reminding myself what brought me here in the first place. No I won't go into detail about the process of conception, I only want to talk a little bit about the birth of our little babies. I like to call it D-day, for "delivery day". As you can see in the photos, I am ginormous. Lance took these photos while we were waiting for our turn in the operating room. Even at this size it was hard for me to believe there were 3 babies in there totaling 16 lbs. Even to this day, if I didn't have the pictures, I wouldn't believe I carried them all. Maybe the doctors had one stashed somewhere in the OR and snuck it in and just told us it was ours. Even Lance didn't actually see them come out. We'll keep them anyway. The delivery was beautiful even though I couldn't see anything.

Well I'm going to have to cut this short because the babies are waking and it's time for the last feeding before bedtime. They will awaken again in 3-4 hours so the sooner we are all in bed the better. I will try and post more photos tomorrow. I have some cute ones of the babies. They are growing so fast. Gabriella and Ryan weigh over 9 lbs now and Brooke is getting there also.

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