Friday, December 29, 2006

Babies in bumbo seats.

I had heard and read that one of the best inventions for multiples was the bumbo seat. It's a seat that is made of a soft foam that babies can sit in from age 3 months to 14 months. It's supposed to provide good support and should help them strengthen their neck and back muscles. It's also made so that your baby can't get out or fall out as long as they are in the age limits. Well Lance's 10 month old niece and nephew managed to find their way out of them so you definitely want them to be supervised at all times. Anyway we were lucky enough to get three of them as gifts for the babies. Thank you again Aunt Jean, Autumn, and Dolora! I know our babies aren't quite old enough but they sure seem to like them. It does actually support their heads and then they can look around. I plan to use them for everything from playing to feeding when they get older. The babies are in order of their birth in these photos. Gabriella, Ryan, and Brooke.

The babies just turned 7 weeks on Wednesday and we can't believe how fast they are growing. This morning Gabriella weighed 9 lbs 8 oz, Ryan was 9 lbs 6 oz, and Brooke, who has become the lightweight, was 8 lbs 10 oz.

Now that I just got started posting on the blog again I may have to take a break again. We all seem to have caught a little cold over the holidays. It's only mild so far so hopefully it will be gone again soon. It just makes night feedings and baby cares a little tougher for Mommy. The babies seem to be coping well. So far Daddy hasn't caught it and we're hoping it stays that way. Mommy doesn't need another baby to take care of( Daddy can get a little whiny when he's sick).

We hope everyone has had a happy holiday and that the new year brings great things!!

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