Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"It's official, we ARE taking over the blog".

From the desk of Gaby, Ryan, and Brooke:

Mommy isn't doing a good enough job showing us off. I mean, what DOES she do all day? We eat once and a while, and poop about 8 times a day, but we do nap for 1-2 hours twice a day. We plan to add more pictures to express our creativity. Mommy thinks this old computer (which crashed after 7 years of faithful service) doesn't work, and we are just playing. Little does she know that we have watched enough "Baby Einstein" to learn how to rework a hard drive.Ashlyn's playing peek-a-boo to distract Mommy. She thinks we actually like those childish games. Hmm, looks like Ashlyn found the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. She is a sucker for chocolate, just like mommy.
Gaby, having a bad hair day. How can you not love this look?Snuggling with Grandpa on his 60th Birthday. Ask him what his kids gave him for a gift. He loves to brag about it. "Camo and pink boots........they match, right? Don't tell Daddy.""Here is my first big boy hair cut. Mommy about cried when she saw the curls falling to the floor.""Ok, your going to do what with those sharp, pointy things?"
"I'm a big boy now".Brooke using Daddy's tube socks for a scarf. Doesn't she look glamorous?

A tisket, a tasket, 3 babies in a basket.

Walking in a winter wonderland. Gotta love 33 degrees in January.
Here's our family on Christmas Eve at Grandpa and Grandma Schwenn's.
Here's the Schwenn clan. We are getting too big for the old house. Guess we'll have to add on.

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MaryBeth said...

Just wanted to say hi... saw your comment that you had a 3 yo and 3 one year olds at amazingtrips and couldn't resist stopping by. We have an almost 3 yo and 3 16 month olds!! Isn't this life (having four wild toddlers)crazy??