Thursday, July 19, 2007

You gonna eat that?

Oh the joys of learning to self feed!! I seem to be the only one with enough patience to allow the babies to start experimenting with food. I'll admit it does take a lot of extra work but I am looking at the big picture here. The sooner they can eat by themselves the sooner I can eat my own meal, by myself, without having to feed someone else.
I've learned a few tricks along the way. One is that the bath tub is the easiest place to wash 3 highchair trays at once. The second is to strip the babies before giving them something messy. Especially if I plan to bathe them anyway. The babies love the teething biscuits but they are a rare treat. I think you can see why.
This is Brooke eating cheerios without making the slightest mess.
This is Brooke with mashed potatoes in her ear.Ryan's first taste of chocolate chip cookie. It's one of the food groups, right?If only I could find a way to bathe the babies and wash the dishes all together.I couldn't get a picture of Brooke in the ducky bathtub. Sorry Brooke, I'll do it next time. She was trying so hard to stand up in it that I couldn't reach for my camera.If you think bathing is fun, check out the after party. They are all getting lots of hair. Brooke even had her first hair cut. I'll post pictures of it soon. Ryan has been standing without assistance now, for a few seconds. He practices all the time. Gaby is crawling pretty good now and has started pulling up onto her knees at furniture.


Anonymous said...

I just can't believe how big the triplets are getting and how much they are doing. You would never guess that they were early! As far as keeping you updated on my baby on the way (since your's were too cute to resist having my own :)!) it might be easiest if I have your can email me at Hope all is going well. I love the family picture! -Mindy

Anonymous said...

Hi Cadi and family!
I love your pictures and your blog, I laugh and cry every time I read it. Your family picture is awesome too.
Cadi, I would love to talk with you about some things, could you drop me an email sometime when you have a minute (I know, ha ha!!) I don't have your address and then I can give you mine.
Take care and keep on laughing!
Your cousin,

Anonymous said... brain is mush today. Here is my email