Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thank you.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all those who have helped make our lives easier. First of all, I'd like to thank my mom. In my last post, when I said it was a typical day in our house, I neglected to mention my mom is usually there helping me. She actually quit her job, once the babies were born, to come and help me. Without her, I would either have nothing but gray hair, or none at all. I would probably have sold the kids on EBay by now. I would also like to thank my dad for being Grandpa and for all the times he's been there for us.

Thank you to the rest of my siblings and their families. Rick, Miriam, Bennett, and Elisabeth, for all the times they've come to play with the kids. Cory, for emotional support over the phone and keeping us in his prayers. Brenden, Heather, Josh, and Nathan for also playing with the kids. Patrick, Jamie, and Abigail for sending a big box of diapers when the babies were born and for working on our van (Ashlyn still talks about Abigail since she was last here for a visit). Sarah, Dave, Morgan, Nicholas, and Kayla for all the playtime with the kids.

Thank you to Vicky and Raymond for being Grandma and Grandpa. Vicky has spent many hours babysitting, cooking, and cleaning for us and Raymond comes along most times to help hold the babies. The kids always get excited when they see them.

Thank you to Lance's siblings and their families. Marcie, Ed, Lorranda, David, Austin, Tyler, Dillon, Sarah, and Ellie for all the babysitting and clothes for the kids. Kelly, Donna, Keeran, and Jack for the gifts they've given the kids. Rita for babysitting and for the gifts she's given (we still owe you a thank you card for the Dora book and cute jeans you sent to Ashlyn, she loves them).

Thank you to the secret diaper gnomes from Duluth, MN. They have been sending us money and coupons for diapers since the babies were born. It has been very much appreciated. Diapers ain't cheap.

Thank you to Lance's extended family for everything they've done. Mike and Mary Koski for all the baby furniture and kids toys they've donated. Mike and Jill Koski for the huge supply of diapers, tons of toys, jogger stroller, tricycle and there is probably more that I can't think of right now. Brian and Dolora Musech for outfitting our children in camo (makes daddy so proud) and for the big box of rechargeable batteries and charger. Also, thanks Brian for making sure Lance still makes time for hunting (though it's been hard to let him go, he does need a little time off). Scott, Annette, Sam, Chris, Thomas, and Carly Allen for babysitting (they even spent the night to take care of our 3 newborns). Mary Chapin, Linda Roberts, and Ellen Hudson for all the bargain garage sale finds. Roger and Debbie Anderson and their daughter Tina, for all the clothes and baby items they donated. Jean and Howard Quade for all the babysitting and things you've done for us. Dene for the never ending supply of clothes and all the baby furniture (our kids would be naked most of the time if it weren't for you).

Thank you to my extended family for everything they've done for us. I have so many Aunts, Uncles, and cousins that have helped us out. Also, while growing up, I loved spending time with my grandma, Verla Miller, and now I get to see my kids spending time with her, and they love her too.

Thank you to our many friends and family for being our support and for thinking of us. You've made our lives a lot easier and so much more fun.

Thank you to all the medical staff that helped to bring our children into this world (and have done their best to keep us sane). Dr. Peter Reynen and the staff at Milbank Medical Center and Milbank Area Hospital, Dr. Kevin Benson and the staff at Prairie Lakes Hospital, Dr. Jeffery Boyle and the staff at Sanford, and especially Dr. Keith Hansen and his staff for helping us get pregnant in the first place. You may notice I created a link to his site (Sanford Women's Health) for anyone looking for help with infertility. He and his staff are wonderful.

I'm sure there are people I've forgotten. If you don't see your name, please don't feel unappreciated. It's 10:30 pm and my brain is getting tired.

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