Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ashlyn playing Hide and Seek.

Ashlyn has been so fun. She is definitely entertaining to watch. She has been talking a lot and it's amazing what she comes up with. Here she climbed up into our bookcase. The bottom shelves have been empty of books since she could crawl.

She has been really good with the babies. They are starting to watch her and she plays peek-a-boo with them. She also likes to play mommy by putting bottles and binkies in and out of their mouths. She lets them have a few sucks and then says "all done" and takes it out again. She has a strange fascination with bibs and likes to collect them all (dirty and clean) and throw them into the dirty clothes hamper. As if I don't have enough laundry to do as it is.

She is learning to count in English and also Spanish, thanks to Dora( a cartoon on TV for those of you without toddlers). She is also working on ABC's. She starts with A, then skips to about QRS and ends with XYZ, then makes an attempt to sing the "now I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me" which is her favorite part. It is adorable. She loves to sing and the other night came running into the living room singing "shake, shake, shake......shake your booty". Don't know where she learned that one??

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