Thursday, June 29, 2006

This is a picture of Ashlyn taken last evening. She has a violet in her hand and we kept telling her to smell it. All she would do was blow on it. She loves picking the flowers out of our little flower garden. A few days ago I was weeding it and I looked up to see her pulling out flowers as fast as I was pulling the weeds. I guess she thought she was helping.

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Millie said...

Hi Cadi!

We just returned from vacation and what a wonderful surprise to find your blog in my inbox:) I hadn't checked that email address forever, so I was hit with you being pregnant with triplets and your blog all at once!:)
WOW! Triplets! Remember when you thought you'd never get pregnant and I reassured you that you would?????? Look at you now:)
This is sooo exciting! I bet you and Lance are just thrilled and probably somewhat nervous?
I can't wait to follow you through what's left of your pregnancy and hear all about the babies! Do you know what sex they are, or are your sharing that? Hmmm..... I might have to study those ultrasounds:)
Ashyln is a total doll! What a BIG wonderful family you are going to have!
We are getting ready to start the paper chase for daughter number two, so hopefully in the next year or so we will be adding to our family too:)
Well, I'd better get some work done around here while Kiersten and Daddy are swimming. I can't wait to hear more about the babies and Ashyln(and of course Mom and Dad).

Keep us posted!

Take Care