Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tea for Two and Two for Tea.

I love a good tea party especially when it includes my kids (I try to ignore the etiquette, or lack there of). We've used this tea set for tea, hot chocolate, and even water when they just want to practice pouring which they can't seem to get enough of these days.
Gaby and Brooke just happened to be the only ones up from nap that day so it was a little less hectic. I love days like this when I can enjoy their company instead of feeling overwhelmed and half deaf from all the screaming. Does anyone know when summer is coming? I want to be able to shoo them outside before I lose my mind.
Wondering what is covering our chairs? They are covered with waterproof toddler size mattress pads. I's stylish. You want to copy me don't you? I tried finding some type of cover that would do what I needed it to and still look nice but as you can see, I had no luck. So bedding it is.


Dorinda said...

Hey, you're smart for trying! I don't even think about it - they just make a huge mess everywhere. I have said this before how Alyssa would fit in really well with your kiddos? She is obsessed with play food and tea sets and tries to carry a serving for four wherever she goes. Yes, this makes it very hard for her to get around and for me to carry her!! Kids...

Wish I had warm weather to send you but it seems the weather here can't make up its mind - cold or hot.

Dorinda said...

Hey -

Can't e-mail right now but we're good in Florida :) Will write as soon as I get my computer working again - I'm on my mom's now!